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As an Amazon Seller, you work hard for every dollar. It’s not easy running your own business, let alone navigating the e-commerce platform on Amazon. But, for all the revenue you earn through sales, there are potentially thousands of dollars tied up in reimbursements and fees that take away from your bottom line profits and time chasing your money. We love Amazon, but we love Amazon Sellers more.

Amalyzer helps you find and get back every dollar you deserve.

Maximize Reimbursements

Get back every dollar earned as an Amazon Seller...without spending time analyzing reports or chasing claims. Amalyzer does the work for you. We sync with your Amazon account, allowing us analyze sales reports to identify where reimbursements have not been fully maximized.

We find your money

We know Amazon does not allow automated claims so our team does the time consuming job of following up each claim personally with Amazon to ensure every single one of your dollars are returned back to your pocket.


Minimize Fees

Reduce the amount you pay Amazon in fees. When you partner with Amalyzer, we audit your Amazon account weekly and look for errors or mistakes in shipping, weight measurements or fees charged to sellers. Everyone makes mistakes, even Amazon, but we believe in fair play. We help identify areas to minimize most fees in order to return more money to your account.

How we help Amazon Sellers

We become your liaison with Amazon, creating a stronger relationship. We allow proper time to review and research discrepancies before opening a claim with them, and once a claim is filed, we follow through the process from beginning to end. Following protocol, we never automate claims with Amazon. This process ensures that nothing gets overlooked, and that our team follows up personally with Amazon on your behalf. Our team is always looking for better ways to get you more money back.



Our team looks for damaged items by inbound shippers to find missing inventory that was debited but never returned after the 45 days time frame period allowed.



We proactively look for the maximum amount of reimbursement from Amazon for transactions and sales where possible opportunities have been overlooked.



We track and ensure orders are returned before the 30 day deadline securing you the 20% restocking fee refund (per Amazon's policy) or the full amount.



Our experts know the key areas to finetune in your listings. When connected to your account, we monitor that you are not overcharged for weight, dimensional or Amazon commission fees.

Getting Started


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How it works



We use a 2 part comprehensive process to audit reports and data from Amazon to find discrepancies, overcharges, and a variety of underpaid or overlooked reimbursements. Our software algorithms conduct the first data analysis before an additional manual process is completed by an Amalyzer team member. This ensures that even small amounts that can be claimed are submitted and personally followed up until paid.



Working within Amazon guidelines, we file the claim on your behalf. Once a claim has been properly researched and verified, our team does the tedious work of corresponding with Amazon, answering questions and following up each claim. We minimize the work and documentation your team is required to submit by thoroughly investigating claims on our end first.



We return more to you. We don’t just hunt for the easy claims like others do, we take our time to ensure you don’t leave any money on the table. Our experience and knowledge of Amazon processes ensures you see a full return of money owed to you while saving you time and headache chasing claims. We are experts at finding, claiming and returning money, freeing you up to be experts in selling more!

How do we get paid?
We pay ourselves!

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From the reimbursement you receive from Amazon

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Maximize returns. Minimize fees.

Get back every dollar you deserve.